Repairing Your Cement

Caulking Considerations: Get Your Caulking Job Done Right

Filling in gaps in your interior or exterior living space is crucial to the prevention of spreading fires and noxious gases, and for the longevity and integrity of your home. There are a myriad of places where fire stop caulking can and should be used to ensure the ultimate safety for you and your family. And it's important to know the right kind of caulking to get the job done effectively. Take a look at the following tips for type and use of caulking.

How to Get Started

Choosing the right sealant for your job is key. Determine what the problem is, how large the gap in the structure is, if you'll want to paint or put material over it, and what weather conditions will effect it if it's an outside job. Use the following guide to determine the best kind of caulking for your particular job.

Brick and Concrete

It's important to choose a high quality exterior sealant for the outside of your structure. When selecting a sealant, look for a product that bonds well with substrate materials but will be equally flexible. A butyl or acrylic latex work well for this type of job. These sealants work well on metal, wood, concrete, masonry, and most construction materials.

Bathroom and Tile

There are two types of sealants for ceramic and porcelain. Using a penetrating sealer helps the grout absorb the caulk, forming a shield that provide stain resistant protection slightly below the surface. And the sealer will likely not change the appearance of the tile.

The other type of caulking for your tile or ceramic is a surface sealer. These are applied on top of the grout. They create a non-porous sealant that also provides a stain resistant protection. Surface sealers are great for enhancing the natural color of the tile and they also leave a shiny top coat after application.

Gutter and Roof

Gutter and roof sealant is designed to stop leaks. You'll want to use a non-flammable caulking. Using an acrylic, elastomeric roof coating is a great way to go. This type of sealant is fully adhered, and its elastic properties allow it to stretch and accommodate weather conditions and then return to its original form without damage. When applied, the coating creates a uniform surface that provides protection from damaging sun rays. Roof and gutter coatings are seamless if they are applied correctly and they can add 25 years to the life of a roof. For more information, talk to a professional like Walser Contracting Ltd concrete cutting.