Repairing Your Cement

Repaving Your Driveway: Options For You

When the time has come to begin considering repaving the driveway in your home, one of the most important decisions you will need to make is what materials you want to use to build your new driveway. The materials you choose for your driveway will determine the aesthetic appeal of your driveway as well as determine how much time and effort you will be spending on maintenance and repairs. Get to know some of the available driveway materials and the differences between them so that you can make the right decision for you and your home and start your driveway repaving process as soon as possible.

Pervious Concrete

If you are concerned about the effect that your home improvement projects in general have on the environment, your driveway included, then you are likely looking for a paving option that takes the environment into account. Pervious concrete is one such option.

Standard or traditional concrete is a solid slab of materials that does not allow moisture through the material. Rather, water runs off of the material picking up debris and contaminants along the way. Pervious concrete is porous rather than completely solid. This is a difference on a microscopic level. The materials in pervious concrete include the aggregates, concrete and water that are in standard concrete. However, what pervious concrete lacks is the large amounts of sand that fill in the tiny gaps between particles.

This material, therefore, allows water to seep through those tiny holes in the particles, so that the ground underneath your driveway gets the moisture and nutrients it needs. It also prevents water from running off and collecting contaminants in the process. Is concrete looks much like standard concrete although it has a slightly rougher or more natural looking finish than the smoothness of standard concrete.

Concrete Pavers

Another way to allow water to seep through to the ground beneath your driveway but to have a slightly more stylish approach is to use concrete pavers to build your driveway. Pervious and standard concrete driveways are generally one continuous slab of material that extends the length of your driveway.

If you use concrete pavers, on the other hand, you will be using small blocks of concrete to piece together your driveway. This gives you numerous style options. You can use a pattern of pavers in different shapes and sizes to create a complex pattern, or use pavers that are all the same shape and size but in different colors to create variation. These are the perfect paving material for a person who is creative and who wants their driveway to be unique and one-of-a-kind.

With these driveway paving materials in mind, you can make your final material decision and get your driveway repaved as soon as possible. Click here, to read more