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2 Questions About The Consistency And Slipperiness Of Your Stamped Concrete

A common misconception about concrete is that there is only one option for when you have it poured. This is simply not true, since the material is versatile and available in a variety of different styles and colors. A popular style that is being used by homeowners is stamped concrete. If you are not familiar with stamped concrete, you probably have some questions about it before you decide on using it for your home.

Will The Finished Product Look Like The Sample Pictures?

When envisioning the landscaping of your home, you may have a particular vision for it that was inspired by the sample photos you saw of the concrete. Chances are that you are wondering if the finished product will look exactly like the sample photos.

The good news is that for a small scale job using stamped concrete, you won't have to worry about the problems that come with making a massive amounts of colored concrete as you would for a large scale job. If more than one batch needs to be made, there can be problems matching the exact color between the two. Doing a small scale home project such as a patio or walkway should have the concrete made in a single batch, ensuring that the color is consistent throughout all of the concrete that is poured.

The stamping of the concrete is also a manual process, using large boards with imprints that are tampered down on top of the freshly poured concrete. The stamped pattern is not hand made, so the pattern should be consistent across the entire poured surface.

Will Stamped Concrete Be Slippery?

A slick surface will tend to be more slippery when it gets wet, which is true of stamped concrete that has a smooth texture to it. If the surface being slippery is a concern, there are alterations that can be made to improve the traction on the surface.

A coating can be applied to the concrete that has small a plastic grit in it. The purpose is to give your shoes something thing grip on to, which reduces the possibility of someone slipping on the material. The grit will be nearly transparent, and will be suspended throughout the transparent seal coat.

If the answers to both of these questions sound good to you, consider moving forward with having stamped concrete installed at your home. You'll be sure to enjoy the aesthetics of this concrete construction technique that will cause your home to be unique and stand out from your neighbors. Talk to a contractor, like Premo Concrete LTD concrete services, for more help.